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Buy Bluehost India Hosting Plan in 6 Easy Steps

If websites were the human being, then the servers (hosting plans) would be their backbones! And I won’t start by saying “Bluehost is one of the leading web hosts on the Globe,” simply because you already know it, and it’s like one of those pickup lines from the 1990’s.

I don’t need to spell out the features or benefits you get with Bluehost, ofcourse its reputation speaks for itself.

Well apart from its server “superpowers,” Bluehost is also known for extreme user-friendliness, that’s what this article is based around. By the end of this piece, you’ll have a solid grip on how easy it is to grab a hosting plan from Bluehost in 6 simple steps.

Why Bluehost?

I could scribble this piece down on any other web server across the globe, but why Bluehost? Isn’t the reason obvious enough?

I’ve been with all the other companies, and let’s face it; there ARE better companies compared to Bluehost, but….NOT on the same price-range, with the same features and services.

What makes Bluehost Special?

The above screenshot is from, they analyzed and compared Bluehost with its competitors, and Bluehost emerged as the server with 99.95%+ uptime most days.

And here’s a complete data-chart again from BenchMarker illustrating the Uptime /downtime, response time and outages.

Well, I’ll call that an impressive display of capability, a 100% uptime almost every day with an average of around 750ms response time.

Bluehost Hosting Plans:-

Like any other hosting company in the market, Bluehost too offers you as many as three different shared hosting “types” to choose from:-

  • Linux Hosting.
  • Windows Hosting.
  • WordPress Hosting.

Let me explain in brief the three types to you, only then you’ll be able to make a judicious decision so as to which type suits your needs best.

Linux Hosting:-

Most common servers we use every day for the basic website and WordPress needs are Linux based.

The Common Misconception: – We Indians don’t use “Linux OS” a lot, so “Linux hosting” seems like something that’s different, and we won’t be able to handle.

So if this is your first time, or if you don’t know which type to go with, go with the Linux hosting plans.

Windows Hosting:-

It’s not as user-friendly, or as easy as the Linux servers. Although the basic features are the same, you might have a hard time finding the databases and other options.

WordPress Hosting:-

It’s almost identical, just made specifically for WordPress websites. You’ll find CDNs and other WordPress-centric plugins pre-installed

If you’re sure you don’t need any specifically HTML based homepage or subdomain and strictly a WordPress website, this should be your choice.

Buy Bluehost India Hosting Plan in 6 Simple Steps

If you’ve ever signed up on Facebook/Twitter or maybe have even sent an E-mail, let me tell you buying a server from Bluehost is almost as easy as the tasks just mentioned.

Step #1:- 

Proceed to Bluehost and click on “Hosting”. A tab will pop-up, choose the type of server you need. (In case you’re not sure, click on Linux Hosting!).

It will take you to the plans page, with three plans:-

  • Standard: – for 1 website only.
  • Business: – for 3 websites (my personal favourite!)
  • Pro: – Unlimited websites.

Step #2:- 

Click on “buy now” button on any one of them.

Step #3:- 

A popup would now introduce itself from the Topbar. Click on “No” if you need a domain, or click on “Yes” if you already have a domain.

The popup would change, and a form would come up, enter your domain name in either case, even if you need to register this new domain, or if you already own this domain.

There are additional services like Sitelock and CodeGuard which you can opt-for, if you don’t need them or you don’t know what they are, simply “uncheck” both the services as shown in the screenshot.

Finally, click on “continue.”

Step #4:-

The next page is the checkout page. Choose the “duration” from the durations tab for your server.  (Choosing it for 3 years make the plan as cheap as it gets!)

Use coupon BLOGGINGCAGE for 35% discount.

Once you’ve selected the duration, click on “Proceed to payment” button.

Step #5:- 

The Sign in/Sign up section would slide up, either sign in using your current Bluehost registered ID, or click on “create an account in 10 seconds” button!

Once you’ve logged into Bluehost, the payments tab would slide up for the final step.

Step #6:-

Bluehost offers as many as 4 different methods of payment!

  • Credit Cards
  • Netbanking/Debit Cards
  • Offline Methods: – Cheque/Demand Draft/Direct Deposit
  • Or use account balance.

Choose the method which you’re most comfortable with. I mostly go with the debit cards option because Bluehost accepts the VISA debit cards for all Indian banks!

Just click on the radio buttons next to your option and click on PayNow!

Making the Payment:-

This isn’t exactly a “step” because you’ve already completed the major steps towards buying your Bluehost server.

This is just a third-party page which would come up and ask you for your payment details. Enter your Credit/Debit card numbers (or net banking details) and click on Pay Now.

Once the payment is successful, your Bluehost account is ready for you! You can login anytime using the details you used in Step#5.

Final Words:-

Doesn’t matter if you’re buying a Linux/Windows or WordPress server, you can buy Bluehost India hosting plan in 6 simple steps for either one of them.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re adding a new domain or not, if you’re going with the site-lock and code-guard or any other plugin or not the steps don’t change.

Here’s an overview:-

Bluehost Website > Hosting- Linux hosting > Select plan > Enter domain name > Proceed to Payment > Choose payment method and pay!

So that’s how easy it is to buy a server from Bluehost folks. Go ahead and grab your deals now, Bluehost is always giving away one or the other discount deal, all you’ve got to do is make the most out of it.

Do leave a comment if you’re stuck at any step or are facing a problem; I’ll be glad to help you out. Also, don’t forget to check out the “deals” section, they always have something brewing up!

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