Are you an Indian looks forward to starting a website? Wait! Do you have an international payment method?

If you are an Indian and has no international payment method, you are going to read the most useful article to you as I will be reviewing a top notch web hosting service for which you can use local payment methods.

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Introducing Bluehost India


I don’t think you need an introduction to the web hosting company, Bluehost. Being started back in 1996, Bluehost has grown to become a pioneer in the hosting industry.

Endurance International Group (EIG) bought them in 2010, and it was the new milestone in the history of Bluehost. The business group has more than 1.9+ million hosting customers altogether.

As a business expanding step, they introduced a nation-wise site for India, And here in this article, I am going to review the same.

What is the Main Difference between and

I know you have this question in your mind. Considering the performance and functionality, you can’t find many differences between both of them. But the visible differences apart from the domain are given below.

#1. Data Centers’s data centres are situated in the US whereas all mainly uses in-house Indian servers. The biggest advantage of Bluehost is that they make their own servers, which gives the best security.

Bluehost India gives you the freedom to choose between US and Indian servers as well.

#2. Payment Options

You must need an international payment method to buy hosting from But this is not the same case with the Indian version. People from India can use local cards and payment options to pay

And, the payment information is displayed in rupees on Indian version while on the global variant, it is in dollars.

#3. Local Customer Support

Not all of us prefer chatting with foreigners on a serious note. The primary barrier is the language. Fortunately, can help you get rid of this problem as the local phone, chat and email support methods are available.

Features of

Aren’t you impatiently waiting for this section? I am not going to make you wait any longer.

#1. Pretty Much Unlimited

The disk space and bandwidth limit are the first two things that most of the webmasters search for. Though 50 GB is enough for a decent site, you may find it low with time as the number of daily hits increases. That’s why you need to buy hosting packages with unlimited disk space and traffic (or bandwidth) if your aim is building a long-term, profitable website.

Bluehost India offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth with every shared hosting plan you purchase. Considering the price, it’s a bang for the buck.

I have seen many hosting providers with plans that don’t allow us to host more than one domain with one account. That means you need to create another account on their site and purchase the plan again to host a secondary site. Do you think it’s the coolest thing a hosting company can offer? gives you the ability to host unlimited domains. So no time loss, no money loss! Cheers.

What is your opinion about a custom branded email like I admit that all the web hosts provide custom email addresses today. But those with unlimited emails are rare, and Bluehost India is one among them.

#2. Super Fast Self-Made Servers

Servers are the shelters of our online property, where all our data is stored.

The majority of the web hosting providers buy servers from a third-party and stores our files there. Whenever any technical glitch happens to the servers, they (hosting companies) can’t tell the details about the problem. At the end of the day, we suffer huge loss even after backing up the site (who knows when an aha moment in internet marketing happens!).

Bluehost (be it global or Indian version) uses in-house servers made of high-quality hardware in the supervision of hosting experts. They ensure that the data centers are capable enough to load websites at once.

The main reason for the good name of Bluehost is their hardware. It uses multiple bandwidth providers to avoid the monopolistic effect of a single provider. The OC 48 connections, used by Bluehost ensure safety and speed.

#3. Suitable Payment Methods


In order to buy services from Bluehost or any global website, you need to have PayPal or an alternative global payment system. If you are a person with NEFT or IMPS as the payment method and has not even globally usable debit or credit card, you can’t make payments to The same reason is what led Bluehost to launch an Indian version of it.

You can use any local method to pay Bluehost India. So getting quality web hosting became easier than before.

It is also possible to make payments by direct deposit as well.

#4. A Bunch of Freebies

Who doesn’t want freebies, right? We all know that’s every shared hosting plan gives away a free domain with it. The same goes on with Bluehost India also. You can get a free top level domain with their shared hosting.

The attention span of people online is very less that they hit the close button right away if any web page takes so long to load. That’s exactly why you need a fast site. Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) feature of Bluehost India makes sure your website is fast enough to retain the audience.

Are you a user of another web hosting company? Do you want to migrate to Bluehost India? Don’t worry! They offer free site migration help to the potential customers.

#5. Various Types of Hosting

You may be a blogger looking forward to starting a simple blog. Here, a shared hosting plan is enough as at the beginning there won’t be a million daily hits. But for websites with millions of daily visitors, this is not the case as it needs powerful resources. So, they need to go for VPS or dedicated hosting.

Whatever be the scalability of your website is, Bluehost India is going to satisfy you. Apart from shared hosting, you can buy cloud, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting. They also have a blogger-friendly WordPress hosting as well.

Though Linux is their preferred hosting OS, they give you an opportunity to purchase Windows hosting without sweating much.

#6. 30 Days Money Back Policy

Some web hosting providers don’t do justice to the money they charge. After a few days of payment, they will start showing the actual color. The downtimes will be a regular incident for your website. And, that is the moment when you realize the mistake of choosing the wrong company.

Bluehost India satisfies every single customer of theirs. You will get the very same service as you get from the global version. In case you want to migrate from Bluehost (seldom happens), they will give your money back within 30 days. I don’t think you need more than a month to get an insight of a web hosting company’s service quality.

#7. 24x 7 Customer Support


Sometimes, hosting may seem to be a geeky task when it comes to site migration or something like that. So you need an impeccable and responsive support from your web hosting company. Not all the hosting providers give you 24x 7 support, but Bluehost India does.

Moreover, if you choose to go with a foreign company (obviously different time zone) with limited customer support time, your working hours may contradict with theirs. And with Bluehost India, you can get support in the local language (if you want) anytime. That’s one of the added benefits of buying web space from Bluehost India.

Email and telephonic services are available.

#8. Easy to Use Control Panel


I read some comparisons of with, in which they argued that the cPanels in both the versions are different. But it is not the truth.

I found both the cPanels to be the same. You won’t find it hard to operate with Bluehost India cPanel. They have included a lot of features there in an organized way. So, no clumsiness! No clutter!

#9. Affordable

price packages

Bluehost India offers the best-in-class hosting for an unbelievably reasonable price. It won’t bankrupt you or rip your pocket off.

You can check their shared hosting package in the image given below. The price will increase as you go for higher packages.

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You are done!

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got an overview of Bluehost India’s web hosting service. Don’t hesitate to purchase their hosting. If you are still hesitant, you can do one thing. Just place an order and test their service quality and in case you don’t like, you can get your money back in 30 days by making use of the money back policy.

What hosting are you using? Are you ready to switch to Bluehost India? Let me know your views and experience in the comment section down below.

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